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A selection of golf balls, tees, gloves and golfing accessories are available to purchase from the bar in the main club house. In addition, our PGA Professional, Mark Sibley, also offers a range of club repairs services as listed below:


A full re–gripping service is available with a selection of top grips at all prices to replace yours when they loose feel and traction, discounts are available on full sets, our service is professional and fast.


Broken shafts can be replaced to match specification or old shafts upgraded using our custom fitting system to match a shafts properties to your game.

Loft and Lie

The loft and lie of your iron clubs can be checked and changed if required to match your height, posture and angle of attack. A club that does not match these points in a player can be the cause of many bad shots.

Club Lengthening, Shortening, Custom Fitting and all other club making services are also available at the Tee Green Golf Academy. We work hard to ensure all clubs that require repair or alteration are back in a customers’ bag before you next step onto the first tee.

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